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Special Dietary Needs

Special Dietary Needs

The Warrick County School Corporation Food & Nutrition Department is dedicated to providing nutritious and affordable meals to all WCSC students. If your child requires a special diet, we would be more than willing to accommodate your child's needs to the best of our ability.

Guidelines for Requesting A Special Meal Plan

  1. Complete the "Food Allergy Action Plan" if your child has a food allergy. A copy must be sent to the school nurse's office. The nurse will then make a copy for the school's cafeteria manager as well as the Director of Food & Nutrition/Registered Dietitian.
  2. Stay in touch with your school cafeteria manager.
    1. Get to know your School Nutrition Professionals. This includes the cafe manager, cashiers and cooks. They take great pride in their work and have your child's best interest at heart. We strongly encourage your child to introduce themselves to the kitchen staff.
    2. Keep an open line of communication with the cafeteria manager via phone calls or emails.
  3. If all documentation has been received by the cafeteria and your child is ready to receive a specialized diet or substitution for lunch, you or your child should notify the cafeteria that morning by 8:00am so they can have adequate time to prepare the meal. Knowing in advance what days of the month your child will be eating with us will give your cafe manager amply time to ensure that an adequate meal substitution is available.
  4. A Registered Dietitian is on staff and available to answer any questions you may have. You may reach us at 812-897-1341.